"Gusty, you presented an outstanding
seminar 4.38 / 5
. You received many very positive comments and we look forward to having you back to a future conference!"

Stacey Dominiuk – Event coordinator
AA of Optometrists
"Coach Gusty's knowledge is at an expert level and his presentation is effective, professional and delivered with passion!"

Angel Meinecke, FRPA - President,
Registered Professional Accountants Association of Canada
"Coach Gusty's presentation was the best one at our conference. He is very engaging."

Dr. Tanya Sitter
"I have attended two of Coach Gusty's keynote presentations - he is awesome!"

Linda McLean
Senior Membership Manager / Office Manager RPAA
"Our team needed a boost and the motivation to change their thinking. Coach Gusty came through - it was beneficial immediately. I recommend Coach Gusty to any organization just, hopefully, not my competition."

Ken Coulton - Sales Manager
Staples Business Depot
"Your presentation was a significant factor to the success of our conference, Doctors told us 'Amazing, kept me hooked the whole time!'"

Stacey Dominiuk - Event coordinator
AA of Optometrists
"He helped identify the 20% of 'things to do' that have generated 80% of our business success. Coach Gusty will give you the tools and perspective you need."

Dan Trottier B.Sc.,P.Ag., NCSO, CRSP
Tatonga Consulting Inc.
"I had a renewed belief in my ability to achieve our dreams. He is a gifted coach."

Leisa Veda Olson

Engaging Topics

Seldom Heard Real Life Stories That Help You Learn About Real Business Issues!

As an Executive / Business Coach, Coach Gusty has developed expertise in many areas and has unique real life examples to make his points stick with your audience.

… more expertise ... bigger impact … longer lasting effect.


Here are some of Coach Gusty’s most requested topics:


  • How to make changes in your organization that everyone applauds.
    (Change Management -Transformational leadership)
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    • How to Lead change.
    • Vision with clarity.
    • Understand the necessary components to create a change-adopting culture as well as the support strategies to make change self-sustaining.
    • Understand the ‘people' elements of the change/transformation process.

  • Get the Advantage by Using The 7 Secrets of Great Leaders and Great Companies.
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    • Measure time by the minute.
    • Focus on one thing at a time.
    • Active listening takes work – it also increases your heart rate.
    • Character Counts.
    • Can your middle managers define your corporate culture?
    • Revealing the true key to accountability: not IQ or tactics, but an understanding of what makes people feel valuable.

  • How to build a performance culture - creativity, innovation and risk taking.
    (Implementing an entrepreneurial corporate culture)

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    • How to incorporate a culture that thrives around innovation and risk.
    • What is the real cost of a culture of inaction – you would change right now if you knew!
    • It's OK to fail – just get back up again.
    • You have to get the culture right, because it provides a foundation for high performance that can sustain your workforce through good times and bad.
    • You must consciously form and nourish a high-performance culture to drive engagement.
    • How to use it to inspire, create customer loyalty, spark employee passion, and motivate positive action.

Team Development

  • E-MindsetTM… Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Encourage!
    How to Recruit, Reward and Retain Superstars!)
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    • Recruiting has to be the responsibility of management not HR.
    • Recruiting is something you do every day.
    • Challenge your employees – they love it!
    • Create opportunities for their fingerprints.
    • How to deliver agreed upon accountability that makes them want to win.
    • Compensation and incentives.
    • Rewards and celebrations.

  • Coach-The-Coach
    (How to implement leadership throughout your organization to build your bench strength!)
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    • Timely communication is key.
    • Coaching is leading. The most powerful form of leadership you can practice and  gain commitment.
    • Process for delivering clear expectations.
    • Proven methods for creating a coaching environment.
    • Easy steps to communicating the vision; mission, values and action plan ( strategy and tactics).
    • Create a feedback culture which challenges under-performance quickly and constructively.
    • The importance of providing an emotional connection.

Customer Service - Loyalty and Retention

  • The most overused phrase in business today and the failing grades we think are acceptable!
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    • How to Make Your Customers Love Your Company.
    • How to Build Customer Trust and Loyalty.
    • Understanding Your Customer .
    • Delivering Exceptional Customer Satisfaction – Do you empower the right people?
    • Customer Focused Strategies.
    • What are your people really saying on the front lines?

Sales & Market

  • Branding and positioning but first of all clarity!
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    • Learn how to create a position in the prospects mind. A position that takes into consideration not only a company's own strengths and weaknesses but those of its competitors as well.
    • Take any yard sale abstract drawings. Write Anderson on one and Rembrandt on the other. Then asked someone for their opinion.
    •  “The first in the brain gets twice a long-term market share  as the number two brand and twice again as much as number three” - Trout
    • You can't be all things to all people. Why do so many try and fail!
    • What if Buckley’s made chocolate bars? Would they sell?
    • Your brand represents your future earnings. Not managing your brand properly means you are not taking control of your future profitability.
    • Your employees, who interact with your customers, must be informed as to what your brand promise is and how they need to deliver relative to the customer’s expectation.

  • How to grow your business - using traditional methods as well as Online.
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    • If only companies knew their competitors, then they could really grow!
    • Most companies don’t really know what makes them unique, what makes them stand out!
    • You can’t be all things to all people.
    • Who is your customer?
    • In our over-advertised instant world – how to make yourself heard and remembered!
    • How to embrace “You “ marketing.
    • Getting it right… before you spend a bunch of advertising dollars.

About Real Business Business Issues!

  • Financial Statements Are My Friend – Business metrics
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    • Tracking results; holding people accountable; evaluation of performance; inspection
      Delegation; empowerment.
    • Cash Flow is King.
    • You need to know your financial statements better than your accountant.
    • You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
    • Numbers make the world go around – get as many as you can.
    • Easy “No Cost” process to start turning your business around now!

  • Behavior assessments - DISC - it will answer so many of your questions!
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    • Identify how your customers approach problems and challenges and how to use this to your advantage. Changes the way you approach your customers.
    • Gain immediate insight into how to improve your communication with people of all behavior styles.
    • DISC is a way of describing a person’s behavior, and using this information, being able to predict how they are likely to behave in the future.
    • One of the reasons that DISC has real  value is that it was strategically designed to address business-related behaviours.
    • “Get into their mind” and adapt to their behavioral style.
    • Building effective teams using DISC
    • You lead/manage others. The key is it’s critical for you to better understand how those around you perceive you as well as how you must treat them to lead them to maximum results.

  • Time Management - Would you like and extra week in a month. All you have to do is attend this session.
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    • Most everyone I know complains about how much they are working – I get it all the time in coaching. I will explain how to maximize your productivity, make room for those activities that matter most and have a great work /life balance.
    • Understand the 4 week litmus test.
    • Do the most difficult task second.
    • Develop a sense of urgency.
    • Get control; of your time and life.
    • The importance of discipline.
    • Yes turn off your cell phone and email beeps just for a while.

  • Goal Setting - not sexy but has a bigger punch!
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    • Create your own successful future.
    • S.M.A.R.T.
    • How to develop an accountable action plan?
    • Visualization is key to success.
    • What to do when you are under pressure to resort to your old ways?

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