"Gusty, you presented an outstanding
seminar 4.38 / 5
. You received many very positive comments and we look forward to having you back to a future conference!"

Stacey Dominiuk – Event coordinator
AA of Optometrists
"Coach Gusty's knowledge is at an expert level and his presentation is effective, professional and delivered with passion!"

Angel Meinecke, FRPA - President,
Registered Professional Accountants Association of Canada
"Coach Gusty's presentation was the best one at our conference. He is very engaging."

Dr. Tanya Sitter
"I have attended two of Coach Gusty's keynote presentations - he is awesome!"

Linda McLean
Senior Membership Manager / Office Manager RPAA
"Our team needed a boost and the motivation to change their thinking. Coach Gusty came through - it was beneficial immediately. I recommend Coach Gusty to any organization just, hopefully, not my competition."

Ken Coulton - Sales Manager
Staples Business Depot
"Your presentation was a significant factor to the success of our conference, Doctors told us 'Amazing, kept me hooked the whole time!'"

Stacey Dominiuk - Event coordinator
AA of Optometrists
"He helped identify the 20% of 'things to do' that have generated 80% of our business success. Coach Gusty will give you the tools and perspective you need."

Dan Trottier B.Sc.,P.Ag., NCSO, CRSP
Tatonga Consulting Inc.
"I had a renewed belief in my ability to achieve our dreams. He is a gifted coach."

Leisa Veda Olson

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Standing 'O' Guarantee


oach Gusty will interview a number of people who are knowledge experts within your organization as a part of his speech customization process. He conducts these telephone interviews well in advance of your conference to ensure his speech incorporates the right material. All information gathered is used to ensure that Coach Gusty’s presentation produces the right fit for you! He will meet key players before his presentation to get a feel for your corporate culture and corporate persona.

Coach Gusty understands all the work that goes into planning a conference and the risk associated with it. When Coach Gusty was in his early corporate years he would listen to people from astronauts to sport heroes to business gurus and often wonder:” You charge $25,000 for that!” Coach Gusty made himself a vow that he would always over deliver!

To set you at ease,
Coach Gusty offers the “Standing O” Guarantee

Coach Gusty’s fees schedule is 50% at the time of booking and 50% after the presentation. Because Coach Gusty and your organizations will work in partnership – sharing information and doing the proper research…if his keynote address isn’t to your liking…then you don’t have to pay your second installment.

With all the speeches Coach Gusty has given, no one has asked to collect on the guarantee.


This is a part of Coach Gusty’s  Feel - Good  
Booking Process which also includes:

  • Personal direct line 855-499-9901 (by pass staff)
  • Return calls within 24 hours.
  • No pressure Feel - good discussions – it has to be a good fit for you.
  • First Priority Hold service available. Temporarily holds your date (if it is available to begin with), so that you can properly pay due diligence without any stress.
  • Provide testimonials you can contact who will give you honest feedback.

“ He helped identify the 20% of 'things to do' that have generated 80% of our business success. Coach Gusty will give you the tools and perspective you need. ”

Dan Trottier B.Sc.,P.Ag.,NCSO,CRSP - Tatonga Consulting Inc.


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