"Gusty, you presented an outstanding
seminar 4.38 / 5
. You received many very positive comments and we look forward to having you back to a future conference!"

Stacey Dominiuk – Event coordinator
AA of Optometrists
"Coach Gusty's knowledge is at an expert level and his presentation is effective, professional and delivered with passion!"

Angel Meinecke, FRPA - President,
Registered Professional Accountants Association of Canada
"Coach Gusty's presentation was the best one at our conference. He is very engaging."

Dr. Tanya Sitter
"I have attended two of Coach Gusty's keynote presentations - he is awesome!"

Linda McLean
Senior Membership Manager / Office Manager RPAA
"Our team needed a boost and the motivation to change their thinking. Coach Gusty came through - it was beneficial immediately. I recommend Coach Gusty to any organization just, hopefully, not my competition."

Ken Coulton - Sales Manager
Staples Business Depot
"Your presentation was a significant factor to the success of our conference, Doctors told us 'Amazing, kept me hooked the whole time!'"

Stacey Dominiuk - Event coordinator
AA of Optometrists
"He helped identify the 20% of 'things to do' that have generated 80% of our business success. Coach Gusty will give you the tools and perspective you need."

Dan Trottier B.Sc.,P.Ag., NCSO, CRSP
Tatonga Consulting Inc.
"I had a renewed belief in my ability to achieve our dreams. He is a gifted coach."

Leisa Veda Olson

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rom the moment Coach Gusty walks on stage, you will know you are in for a treat. You can count on him to get your audience fired up ready to conquer the world in one moment and  people wiping away tears the next; from challenging their way of thinking to  reaching a dangerous level of sheer laughter. But most of all Coach Gusty doesn’t want to just entertain but, as  the quintessential coach,  wants them to actually do something with what they have learnt.

“Coach Gusty’s knowledge is at an expert level and his presentation is effective, professional and delivered with passion!”

Angel Meinecke, FRPA
- President, Registered Professional Accountants Association of Canada

Consider what you get when you hire Coach Gusty as a keynote speaker

1. Unique experience - new material - high interest

His results-based approach to marketing, selling, and business development is built on over 30 years of proven corporate and entrepreneurial experience – being responsible for everything from patents to processes; from pricing to positioning and from people to profit. He has coached numerous top performing teams and individuals who have gone on to be leaders in the North American business world including Presidents and key executives.”

He has conducted over 1,000 face to face interviews – constantly looking for the Superstar candidates. His recruiting and training techniques allowed him to develop and train high-performance teams that have won numerous national awards as well as being recognized for excellence in customer service by customers and independent third parties - If You Don’t Hire The Best – Your Competitors Will !

2. Insight - You benefit from his coaching behind closed doors!

He has coached many leaders from different industries and will share their secrets while maintaining the utmost confidentiality. You will see firsthand some of the fears that many great business leader have, which you may be able to identify with and what you can do to turn things around – what really works!

3. Customized presentation - The best “fit” for you!

As part of his speech customization process, Coach Gusty will interview a number of people who are knowledge experts within your organization. He conducts these telephone interviews well in advance of your conference to ensure his speech incorporates the right material. All information gathered is used to ensure that Coach Gusty’s presentation produces the right fit for you!

Coach Gusty helps you fill the gap of where you are to where you want to be.

“Coach Gusty’s presentation was the best one at our conference. He is very engaging. If you want to get to know your customers in order to grow your business, I recommend you see Coach Gusty".

Dr. Tanya Sitter

4. High Impact - A real connection with your audience

As an award winning speaker, coach and business owner, Coach Gusty has the skill to read your audience and a unique ability to quickly “connect” with each member as if on a one to one basis places him at the top of keynote speakers. Many are surprised when Coach Gusty calls them by their first name – his cultivated talent of remembering names has awed audiences across the nation – not to mention having alot of fun with it. Add this to his background as a student of body language; you can imagine what he can do with that combination.

5. Quintessential story teller - Keeps your audience engaged

Gusty, like Abraham Lincoln, has a passion for making his meanings clear. And will go to all lengths to ensure that his audience has a clear vision of what he is saying. Coach Gusty is the quintessential story teller and has the rare talent to take complex issues and make them easy to understand – like Buridan’s donkey.

6. ROI - Provides Inspiration & the right tools to get results

Coach Gusty embraces the importance of building a culture to drive results. He explains very readily to his audience that if, after his presentation, they give him a standing ovation, but do not implement any of his ideas – then he is just high priced entertainment! Coach Gusty always wears his coaching hat and inspires each member of the audience to make one change in their life the next day – One Small StepTM

7. Humor, Energy & the Wow Effect - Inspires your people

His creativity, high energy, genuine insight combined with his bunker buster humor (making you laugh even 2 days later) makes for a memorable and motivating experience. Everyone is the subject of his humor – especially himself!

Creating a culture of leading edge performance and achieving greater results faster than they thought possible. Coach Gusty will have your audience laughing one minute and asking themselves “Why are we doing what we do the way we do it?” the next!

8. Idea guy - thinks different - Heck he is different!

A student of neuroplasticity, Coach Gusty helps your audience to think differently! Coach Gusty early in his career was told he should be in the advertising business. His unique ideas are shared with the audience which empowers people to think and to do it from a different perspective - ideas that you can put to work right away.

9. Coach Gusty makes you look good!

Your audiences will be talking about his presentation for weeks to come- because he always hits the mark. He will partner with you to ensure that your conference is a stunning success  - Coach Gusty understands the hours and hours involved in executing a winning conference – he is here to help you – in any way.

Whether Coach Gusty is speaking to corporate executives about leadership and vision, managers about bottom line performance strategies, in the trenches employees about striving for success, or general audiences about getting the most out of life, he always delivers the inspiration, the tools and the follow up to help people achieve superstar results!

10. Passionate about performance - Rubs off on your audience!

Coach Gusty, tagged “the Master” by his peers, brings passion to the podium and inspires audiences everywhere to achieve their fullest potential.

Coach Gusty is innovative, creative and passionate about business excellence and customer service.


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