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Put an end to your conference fears and land a great speaker. The first step is to take this high power speaker quiz – be careful!


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A great speaker has to be entertaining, humorous and informative to be effective.


In today's business world we are live in the global community - and experience much the same issues like communicating with social media. Speakers who address your competitors can deliver the same presentation and get the desired results for your organization.


It is important that the speaker have the right “fit” for your audience.

When you hire Coach Gusty,
you get more than just a great speaker!


ou get someone who will not only engage your audience but will inspire them to start doing something tomorrow. Why? Because he is a coach and it is in his character to make sure that your people take action. Using Coach Gusty's Small StepsTM program, developed over his 20 years as a coach, he makes it easy for them to do so. If your audience doesn't take any action after the speaker leaves, then they are just high priced entertainment.

Our team needed a boost and the motivation to change their thinking. Coach Gusty came through. What started at that meeting was beneficial immediately.
I recommend Coach Gusty to any organization looking for a source of motivation. Just, hopefully, not my competition.”

Ken Coulton - Sales Manager, Staples

Bring Coach Gusty in for the opening keynote and kick off your conference with passion and commitment. Or have him as your closing keynote speaker with people ready to implement his Small StepsTM program. Coach Gusty also offers full-day workshops - Training Camps - getting your superstars in shape!

When you hire Coach Gusty, your conference will be more successful, and you will look good! Coach Gusty is often booked far in advance, so lock in your dates early.

“Coach Gusty, you presented an outstanding seminar 4.38 / 5. Your presentation was a significant factor to the success of our conference You received many very positive comments and we look forward to having you back to a future conference! 

Stacey Dominiuk - Event Coordinator, AB Assoc. of Optometrists

Coach Gusty’s Easy Book process starts by you taking the first step to see if your date is available - then he will put a First Priority Hold on it giving you some time to decide if there is a fit - see our Standing O' Guarantee.


Call Coach Gusty...when second place is not an option!

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